More About Me

My full name is Hannah-Alison Cragg, I was born in a seaside town in North-West England and I have the best parents and four wonderful, opinionated younger siblings.

My family like to compare me to one of Tolkien’s elves. It started with my pointy ears, but since then the list of similarities has grown; I like green food, I can move almost silently when I want to, I enjoy the sound of silence and I am often physically present but mentally faraway.

I’ve been passionate about books, films and performing arts for as long as I can remember. The musicals at school were always the highlight of the year and when I was ten I wrote, directed and played Cinderella, a play that my friends and I performed for the students and parents. Since then I’ve discovered Les Miserables and Phantom and haven’t yet managed to wear the songs out. 

If you looked you might find me listening to Dario Marianelli’s Pride And Prejudice soundtrack, watching Lord Of The Rings, cooking lasagne for my family, writing a new book, possibly singing, maybe dancing, hopefully laughing. Maybe we’ll meet one day.